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Discover the Precise State of Your Organisation’s Mental Health

With global statistics showing that 1 in 4 people experience a mental disorder each year, there will be people in your organisation who are in distress. Even with the best recruitment practices, life throws us curve balls, and people go through challenges.

And like it or not, they bring them to work.

When people are mentally unwell, they are not able to perform to their potential, they are more likely to make mistakes, have accidents and injuries, be absent or unproductive, and this impacts not just them, but the whole team.

And the majority of people will not tell their boss when they are experiencing a mental health problem. So for most organisations, without an overt crisis situation to draw their attention to it, they are unaware of the degree to which these silent mental health problems are impacting their teams …. and their bottom line.

You need to know where you are, to work out where you want to be.

Building and sustaining a corporate culture that promotes mental health and growth requires a scientific approach.

The first thing to do is to find out the facts of the situation. Basically, you want to know if the culture in your organisation or team is what you think it is, worse than you think it is or, hopefully, way better that you thought it was.

Once you know where you are, then you’ll be able to accurately determine the Mental Health Strategy that will get you the best ROI and produce the staff engagement, and profit, you are after.

To help organisations do this, the Workplace Mental Health Institute has developed the EWS16 tool.

The Employee Wellbeing Survey (EWS16) provides you with both a scientific approach and a comprehensive baseline data regarding the level of mental health and wellbeing within your organisation, and which strategies will yield the best results for your specific organisation.

We offer the following assessment packages to suit your needs:

Initial Assessment

[dt_gap height=”20″ /] We conduct an initial interview, an organisation wide survey, comprehensive report with recommendations, and debriefing session.

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The ‘Initial Assessment’ includes an initial interview with the key stakeholder/s within your organisation, to identify the key questions and outcomes to be accomplished.

An anonymous, organisation wide survey is then conducted to gather data and details about the current state of mental health within the organisation, employee perception of mental health and wellbeing, strengths and challenges, and compliance against the 7 Pillars of a Mentally Healthy Workplace.

A comprehensive report is compiled including recommendations and an action plan for implementation over the next 3, 6, or 12 month period (depending on the size of the organisation and scope of the project).

A debriefing session with the key stakeholders is conducted to detail the findings and recommendations from the initial assessment.

Assessment Plus

[dt_gap height=”20″ /] Basic Assessment AND we consult with your representative/s over a 3, 6 or 12 month period to guide in the implementation of those recommendations AND a follow up assessment conducted at the end of the project.

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‘Assessment Plus’ includes all the features of the Initial Assessment, which is then followed by ongoing consultation with your key representative/s over a 3,6 or 12 month period (depending on the size of the company and scope of the project) to guide in the implementation of those recommendations.

A follow up assessment is then conducted at the conclusion of the project to track improvements and clearly demonstrate the ROI accomplished through the initiatives.

Assessment Gold

[dt_gap height=”20″ /] A Done-For-You Program where our Consultants deliver the entire package

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‘Assessment Gold’ is the program of choice for busy organisations without the manpower or skill set to implement an effective wellbeing program internally.

It includes all elements of the Assessment Plus package, however our Consultants actually work within your organisation to implement the program – as agreed to by you.

With your approval, and reporting to you, they will design materials for the wellbeing program, liaise with your employees, and deliver the entire program from start to finish.

“The experience has been fantastic. It just works. It’s a chemistry I just can’t describe” – Anthony Hiscox, Tradies Club, Winner of Australian Business Award for Wellbeing Program

Case Study

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A large security firm approached the Workplace Mental Health Institute to assist in the delivery of a Wellbeing Program for their 5,000+ employees, located in all states and territories around Australia. Initially they wanted to discover the degree to which mental health problems were present amongst their employees, who were geographically dispersed, of diverse cultural backgrounds, and often working in isolation and/or in remote locations.

The initial assessment demonstrated some shocking results – the levels of depression amongst employees including those in management and supervisory positions, was estimated to be 3 times the national average, and anxiety amongst employee was double the national average. In addition the assessment revealed that current efforts to provide avenues of support were not being communicated effectively and not having the desired result for employees.

The results also indicated 10 key areas to focus interventions going forward, which would be likely to produce the greatest ROI in terms of reducing the degree of work-related mental distress, reduce the number of psychological injury claims, HR issues, and absenteeism. A comprehensive action plan is now in place with a 12 month timeframe for follow up assessment.

Case Study

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A state government department was undergoing an extensive and long term series of restructures, which were known to be leading to a number of redundancies, relocations, and changes for all employees.

Following an initial assessment of the situation, over a period of 18 months a series of resilience building workshops were offered to all employees in metro, regional and remote locations across the state. Feedback from employees was extremely positive, with many participants indicating it was the best course they have ever attended.

In addition, the Workplace Mental Health Masterclass was delivered to Leaders and Managers across the organisation to assist them to identify and respond to people experiencing mental distress, and also to create mentally healthy working environments.

Over the course of the program, psychological injury claims were demonstrated to have dropped to a fraction of their previous rate, and the initiative has been adopted as an ongoing part of continuous professional development for all employees.

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