What People are Saying About The WMHI

“The course was excellent – a concise and fun session that appears simple but touches on fundamental strategies to build resilience.”

– Paul Bao, NYCDSA, USA

“By FAR, the best course that I have attended. Shared it with colleagues, I think this is something we should all see/ have access to. Thank you! ”

– Course Attendee, Paysafe, Bulgaria

“Our trainer created a really comfortable and safe environment that encouraged participation and really great conversations from all attendees. The inclusion of role play scenarios provided everyone an opportunity to practice the techniques being learned and to be able to provide and gain some really great feedback on how the techniques where being used during to the role play scenarios.”

– Collette Cameron, Lindt & Sprüngli

“Firstly, that it exists. Mental health is a growing illness and 2020 will have a huge impact on the population in one way or another. We have to talk about it in order to understand it. Some great tools to work with.”

– Wendy Mclaren, Lindt & Sprüngli

“Brilliant! Of all the courses offered through work this was the best.”

– Damian Stanley, AMP Capital, UK

“Interactive and engaging sessions with practical takeaways. Many useful tips for application on ourselves and to people around us.”

– Audrey Tham, Lloyds Register, Singapore

“The content of the course was relevant and was encouraging the participants to think through their own issues, provoking them to reflect on their own experiences.

I realised the importance of being resilient. Bouncing back even after facing any bad or not so good times. This is one thing that I would stress to everyone else whom I would talk to as a Mental Health Champion.”

– Rajesh Gadjil, Lloyd’s Register, India

“I loved how much interaction there was throughout this workshop. It wasn’t the typical ‘sit and get’ type of workshop.”

– Natalie, Teachstarter, USA

“I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for the wonderful inspiration you have energised in me again with participating in the leaders masterclass! Wow! I have never felt so energised leaving a full day session. There’s so much more I understand now “just get it” from the day! I have completed so many courses both professionally and personally, but this one just literally blows my mind ”

– Dahna Redding, The Star Entertainment Group, Australia

“Outstanding training! Highly qualified which made for active listening. Articulated exceptionally well. Thanks for a great presentation.”

– Rufus Anthony, MSS Security, Australia

“Exceptional! Great real life examples. The training provided tools for the leaders, the facilitators were extremely experienced, it was professional and had great content!”

– Ginette Aruliah, Jetstar

“Excellent sessions. I felt that I learnt a lot more than what I already know and feel more confident in applying these techniques in real life.”

– KC, Insync Technologies

“The Workplace Mental Health Institute has delivered programs for the Academy and we’ve received an incredibly positive response. I’ve attended myself and thought it was fantastic! Having been a mental health therapist and a learning and development facilitator myself, I hold the bar very high!”

– Noel Basilie, Property Council Australia

“These guys are the crème del a crème in relation to Mental Health and have just completed training our entire staff from top to bottom in recovery based practice, and really transformed how we support our clients and, in this context, each others mental health wellbeing in the workplace.”

– Sybilla Wilson, Open Minds, Australia

“The practical tools that were clear and could be applied immediately. I also appreciated the examples that were easy to follow. It was well structured over 4 days with comfortable breaks.”

– Andrea Ospina-Kelly, Commonwealth Ombudsman, Australia

“This course help you to create an awareness about mental health which mostly goes unnoticed by many of us in the current lifestyle.”

– Dinesh, Lloyd’s Register, India

“It was great attending the course. There was so much valuable information and you made it both fun and interactive. Sometimes it is hard to gauge or to know what to say or ask without ‘crossing the line’, but I am so much more confident now and better equipped in my role”

– Ricky Martin, Nepean Health, Australia

“Created a very comfortable environment. I felt more empowered and I can use these skills in my personal and professional life dealing with the people suffering from a mental health issue.”

– Jenny Goulding, GIO Suncorp, Australia

“Hugely impressive. The session was an excellent practical session on these important conversations. The models used were succinct and insightful, thank you.”

– Cassandra, Prime Minister´s Cabinet, Australia

“I like that it was very open and the facilitator made deep, difficult and uncomfortable topics more easy and comfortable to discuss.”

– Nadia Low , IGLU Brisbane, Australia

“The practical guide around how to separate mental health and performance conversations.”

– Sarah Feltham, Moriarty Foundation, Australia

“Very interesting and useful. The facilitator was engaging and made us feel very comfortable, lovely lady.”

– Carrie Ann, Evolve Housing, Australia

“It was very easy to engage with the trainer and the other participants. Well structured (i.e pre training work flowed well into the face to face training).”

– Bec, Pharmacy Guild, Australia

“Interactive and informative. Enjoyed being able to role play and put into practice.”

– John, Mauri

“Both the virtual and online were engaging and informative. Was also great to have an experienced instructor.”

– Virginia Creece, Australia

“I learned some tools that I hadn’t come across before even though I have been to many mindfulness courses over the years. I loved your friendly, engaging, entertaining style of delivery. I now have more understanding of the science behind mental health and resilience. Many thanks indeed.”

– Gill McManus, Link-Up NSW

“I really liked how the course made me reflect on myself, gave me tools on how to deal with the stressors and worries I am having at the moment and gave me a different outlook at my current life. Feeling a lot more positive now.”

– Zina Stephan, Link-Up NSW

“Great facilitator, well engaging. A very valuable course to us for our line of work and has made it a pleasurable experience.”

– Julianne Greaves, Commonwealth Ombudsman, Australia

“The exercises were engaging and useful (thoughtful and relevant). I particularly like how easily portable the exercises are and how they can be used post-course.”

– Adrian Atkins, Link-Up NSW

“The nature of the delivery made the stream easy to take on and now it could be applied to daily activities.”

– Alex, BGEENG

“Useful and simple tools were presented which can be easily implemented by the attendees.”

– Colin Morrow, BGEENG

“In depth / thorough, accessible presentation, good content. very enjoyable delivery/facilitation – professional but casual.”

– Jacob Cummings, Samaritans Recovery Group

“Interaction was strongly encouraged and the break out groups were really useful.”

– Yvonne Dallman, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

“Informative and helpful session. Always appreciate to be reminded and have opportunity to refresh + learn something new.”

– Anonymous, IFM Investors APAC

“Clearly explained theories of mental health with realistic applications that we can provide/offer”

– Rob Lawson, IFM Investors APAC

“I liked how the course described the what people may be experiencing through the coronavirus and strategies to cope with the effects.”

– Harry Balian, Dept of Finance, Australia

“The facilitator and delivery was engaging and I could relate to and craved more information and also motivated me to practice tips shared.”

– Belinda, Dept of Finance, Australia

“Very helpful with guidance on how to approach a situation. Thank you for knowledge share.”

– Dilki Nadiya, BWX Limited

“Accessible, interesting, engaging and a good overview in the time we had. Excellent facilitator. Came out with some good strategies and tools to practice at home/work. Thank you for being flexible with the online format.”

– Natalie, Darebin City Council, Australia

“The facilitator was engaging and real. Examples provided were relevant and useful. The training had significant benefit both within the workplace setting and your personal life as well.”

– Ange Jones, City of Newcastle, Australia

“I absolutely loved the training via zoom I gained so much insight into Mental Health well being. I loved the role playing that we did as it showed me the areas in which I was lacking and new ways to improve myself in delicate situations.”

– Elizabeth Speer, City of Newcastle, Australia

“The program was incredibly well run and learning themes were broken into understandable chunks and understandable learning outcomes. Breaks were well managed and very good use of material resources. Engagement was ongoing with participants Q&A and the syndicate sessions worked well.”

– Ricky Ross, NBRA

“I really enjoyed this course and I feel it is going to assist me immensely moving forward to become a better leader.”

– Kirrily Loring, Housing Choices AU

“It was just a great experience across both sessions. Good coverage of theoretical and then application for the practical exercises. Absolutely loved it … thankyou so much.”

– Shane Bradshaw, Teach Starter

“Engaging content relevant to my job and future jobs. A better understanding of vicarious trauma and self-care techniques.”

– Emily, Commonwealth Ombudsman

“Good models that are easy to use and see the benefit – applicability to many situations in life generally. Also the insight that with performance to discuss both performance and MH.”

– Anne-Marie Bennett, Australian Catholic University

“I like how those common disorders were all covered which provided one more insights of humans behaviour. Also setting boundaries while taking care of people is a good approach for self thing.”

– Training Participant, IGLU Melbourne, Australia

“This course was absolutely outstanding and long overdue. There was a lot to process and reflect on, but it is the most useful course I’ve been on in years. Thanks!”

– Training Participant, Department of Education, Skills and Employment, Australia

“Really good to have the course led by a psychologist with real experience. Well run, and well facilitated and an enjoyable day with lots of take aways. Thanks.”

– Training Participant, Department of Education, Skills and Employment, Australia

“The course was very interactive and all the information was explained well.”

– Sally Brouwer, IGLU Melbourne, Australia

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