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Nice guys don’t have to finish last.

Discover the traits that give certain leaders an advantage in creating cultures of engagement and innovation.

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According to a recent study, only 52% of employees feel their workplace is mentally healthy. And just over half feel their senior leader values good mental health in the workplace.

Psychological safety is a key characteristic of organisational cultures that consistently and sustainably produce new innovations. The traditional alpha leader or one who leads using fear is not well equipped to create these cultures. Instead, we need a different kind of manager with a new leadership vocabulary.

We need Psychologically Safe Managers.

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In this guide you will discover:

» What ‘psychological safety’ is and why it’s a critical element of an innovation culture

» What causes employees to withhold thoughts and opinions that are essential for innovation

» The 7 Hallmarks of a psychologically safe work environment

» The 5 Traits of a Psychologically Safe Manager