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Three elements that contribute to a sense of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace are feeling valued, connected to others, and safe. Mental Health Month gives us an opportunity to reach out and let people know that they matter. That they matter to us.

Design your mental health month activities with these three elements in mind, to create a culture of compassion, fun and connection.

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Silent Expectations Discussion Paper

When you take a walk through the office later, bear in mind that a good 20% of people you see may be dealing with a mental health challenge of some kind, such as anxiety, anger or depression. The effects may be bearing out in workplace conflict, low productivity, absenteeism, and in extreme cases, self harm.

In this discussion paper, we explore the role of the HR professional in managing increasing levels of mental illness in the workplace.

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Despite our best intentions, many of us get it wrong. Learn what to avoid when managing employee mental health.

In this report, you will discover seven fatal mistakes managers could make while handling employees with mental health issues.

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5 Traits of the Psychologically Safe Manager Guide 400px

It is important to consider just what it is for employees to feel safe in the workplace. At the most basic level, employees want to feel that they, and their work, feel valued, accepted and respected.

‘Based our extensive research and coaching thousands of leaders, The WMHI has identified the following five traits of the psychologically safe manager. Executives and HR teams can use these traits as indicators of managers who will diligently work to keep employees’ mental wellbeing in mind for their good, as well as for the benefit of the company, clients and colleagues.

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It’s a common myth that people who really want to suicide don’t tell anyone. However, the evidence is that 8 out of 10 people give definite warning signs of their intention to kill themselves. BUT – these warning signs are often given in code.

Download this free Guide to familiarise yourself with the early warning signs of employee suicide.

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15 contributing facts to psychological claims in workplaces

When people are mentally unwell, they are not able to perform to their potential, they are more likely to make mistakes, have accidents and injuries, be absent or unproductive, and this impacts not just them, but the whole team. The cost of psychological injuries can be high both with lost time & productivity and the risk of workers compensation claims.

Here are 15 main contributors to psychological claims in workplace.

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Download this Top 5 Suicide Myths vs Facts infographic.

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Abusive relationships can arise anywhere – with partners, friends, families, workplaces or governments. If you recognise these 15 signs and are concerned, you may be in an abusive relationship or acting in an abusive way.

Download the 15 Signs of an Abusive Relationship infographic here.

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