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Stop the Lockdowns, For Mental Health’s Sake!

We agree with you. Stop the Lockdowns, like the ones in Melbourne and Adelaide, Spain and South Africa, the UK, Ireland, certain states in the USA, and so many other places have led to an increase in rates of depression of up to 300%. That is triple the number of people with depression than before the lockdowns!

ABC News Live Interviews Director of Psychology Emi Golding

ABC News interviews Emi Golding, Director of Psychology, Workplace Mental Health Institute, and author of Mental Wealth: Essential Guide to Workplace Mental Wealth. A new survey has shown an increase in mental distress and illness in workplaces. Emi Golding shared her expert knowledge about the scope of the problem.

Official Launch of the Workplace Mental Health Masterclass for Leaders

The Australian Workplace Mental Health Masterclass for Leaders was officially opened by the honourable Scott Farlow, MLC, rugby league legend Glenn Lazarus, and CEO of the Workplace Mental Health Institute, Peter Diaz.

Joel Roberts from KABC Radio USA interviewing Peter Diaz

Peter Diaz, CEO of the Workplace Mental Health Institute, being interviewed about workplace mental health by Joel Roberts, former #1 radio host of KABC radio in Los Angeles. Peter Diaz shared expert knowledge on what is happening to employees with mental health problems, and how to help organisations develop a better mental health strategy.

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