Asthma Foundation Video Series

1. Hope

Pedro Diaz on having hope with asthma, for the Asthma Foundation.

2. Cope

Pedro Diaz on coping with asthma, for the Asthma Foundation.

3. Responsible

Pedro Diaz on being responsible with asthma, for the Asthma Foundation.

4. Wellbeing

Pedro Diaz on asthma wellbeing, for the Asthma Foundation.

5. Self care

Pedro Diaz on asthma self care, for the Asthma Foundation.

6. Self management

Pedro Diaz on self managing asthma, for the Asthma Foundation.

Asthma Australia is pleased to have partnered with Pedro Diaz from the Workplace Mental Health Institute and developed a series of videos aimed at young people experiencing chronic conditions (including asthma) and mental health issues.

Currently these are being released one at a time via Asthma Australia’s Facebook page, Young People with Asthma – Australia. After the 4 short videos for social media have been posted, these and two longer videos will be loaded onto the Asthma Australia website in late March.

Asthma Australia would like to especially thank Pedro and the Workplace Mental Health Institute for their time and dedication to the development of these videos. As well as hearing Pedro’s own experiences, these videos provide practical advice built around mental health recovery, an important concept for those experiencing such issues.

To learn more about asthma, call the 1800 Asthma Helpline (1800 278 642) and talk with your local Asthma Foundation.

Workplace Mental Health Institute