Introduction to Mental Health at Work - ONLINE Course

Worried About Their Mental Health?

Learn how to help.

It’s hard to stand by and watch a friend or colleague suffer. Whether they’re constantly sad or withdrawn, they’re confrontational or behaving irrationally, they’re avoiding situations or taking a lot of time off work, or something else entirely, you can sense something’s wrong, and it’s natural that you want to help.


But how? Figuring out what to do – or even if you should do anything at all – can seem an impossible task, fraught with risk.


Which is why it’s great you’ve found the Introduction to Mental Health at Work online training course. It will help you identify whether your friend really does have mental health issues and if they do, it will teach you the best way to respond. So you’ll know for sure if there’s a problem, and you’ll know you’ve done exactly the right thing about it. You won’t make matters worse and your friend will stand the best chance of recovering.


Time to complete:
1.5 hours


8 x 10-minute


Internet connection,
web browser



What's in the Course

What is a Mental Health Problem?

The best language for talking about mental health, and the range of ways in which it’s understood.

How Common are They?

The surprising prevalence of various mental health problems.

Perspectives on Mental Health

Not everyone views mental health problems the same way, hence the treatments also vary. We show you some exciting approaches

Signs & Symptoms

How to recognise the early warning signs for the most common workplace mental health problems.

How to Respond

The W.A.R.M. 4-step process for helping a colleague who might not be coping with a mental health problem, so they can get some support.

Where to Get Help

The range of options available for people to seek help.

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“Very interesting and useful…The videos were concise and engaging and the tests at the end of each module were specific enough that you had to have watched the video to get a good score.”

– Katie Coleburn, University of New South Wales

Engaging format

Introduction to Mental Health at Work is an engaging 1.5 hours course, completed entirely online. You’ll watch a series of videos, and complete a quiz after each module to test your knowledge.

Relevant material

Importantly, where most mental health courses go into depth about diagnosis and treatment, the Introduction to Mental Health at Work course focuses on the things that are relevant to you and your difficult situation as a friend. It’s not your responsibility to diagnose the exact nature of the problem and treat it. All you want to be able to do is identify that there is a problem, and understand your friend’s frame of reference so you can engage with them more effectively. Then you can help them get professional help, and know you’ve done exactly the right thing.

Focused on recovery

We don’t teach people how to look for problems that aren’t there. But, if someone has a mental health problem, it’s important they get help. And you need to know that by raising concerns about a friend or colleague, you’re actually helping them.

Research over the last century shows that 57% of people with severe mental health problems make a full recovery. And that’s severe problems; if caught early, most mental health problems don’t become severe, so the average recovery rate is much, much higher. Plus those figures are for the last 100 years. With today’s modern therapeutic modalities, the realistic recovery rate is significantly higher than 57%.

What’s more, research shows that people who’ve recovered from mental health problems are actually more productive, thanks to increased resilience and learned strategies.

Privacy assured

All you need to complete the course is an internet connection, a pen and a piece of paper. (Or you can write your answers in a journal or another program, like Microsoft Word.) You won’t be asked to enter any personal information, you can complete it at your own pace, and come back again and again to any modules that really resonate with you.

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