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Beat Chronic Stress for Life
You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by life. You may be surrounded by chaos, challenging people and endless demands, but it’s possible to change how you deal with it, so it doesn’t get the better of you.


It’s possible to identify the true, underlying causes of your stress and dramatically minimise their impact. So, instead of being swept up by the chaos, you’re ‘the eye of the storm’ – the cool, calm, collected person you’ve always wanted to be.


The [email protected] (The Resilience Course) online course will give you those tools. It’s an 80-minute, 9-module program that works through 12 critical techniques and strategies for building resilience. Founded on proven psychological and neuroscience theory, it’s a practical, activity-filled course that goes well beyond all the usual self-care tips you already know. You’ll practice a range of intuitive techniques, then choose the ones that work best for you and adapt them to all aspects of your life.


Time to complete:
1 hour


6 x 10-minute


Internet connection,
web browser



What's in the Course

Resilience & Self-Care – An introduction to what resilience really means, and the importance of taking personal responsibility for looking after yourself. Includes the six principles for emotional mastery.

Avoiding the Stress Spiral – Introduces you to the interpersonal dynamics which create stress within a team, and how to stay out of the drama and stress, while responding appropriately.

Mindfulness Activities – An introduction to the science of mindfulness and some practical activities to apply it.

Meaning Making & Mastery Loops – A model for retraining your thinking patterns, based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Personal Resilience Action Plan – Create your own action plan for daily life, using your insights from the course.

Morning Rituals – Four short activities you can do every morning to prepare for the day.

BONUS module: Emotional Intelligence – An optional self-reflective survey and a reading list of hand-picked resources to help you learn even more about resilience.

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“Practical strategies & tools to manage mental wealth & health in the workplace, coupled with knowledgeable and engaging facilitators.”
– Susan Sinclair, GE Capital

Practical skills

Importantly, this isn’t some high-tech course that’s all about automated personality tests and other flashy gimmicks. Nor is it your standard self care basics telling you to exercise, diet and sleep well. We all know that already!

It’s about substance. Down-to-earth, high-quality content built into activities that will permanently change your thinking and behaviour, and make an actual difference in your day-to-day work and home life.

Privacy assured

All you need to complete the course is an internet connection, a pen and a piece of paper. (Or you can write your answers in a journal or another program, like Microsoft Word.) You won’t be asked to enter any personal information, you can complete it at your own pace, and come back again and again to any modules that really resonate with you.

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