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Learn to handle yourself expertly in a Suicide crisis
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Did you know that every 40 seconds someone dies of suicide around the world? It’s a staggering statistic, isn’t it? It’s also a pity that so many of us take this option out of desperation and disengagement. The good news is – there are some very useful actions we can take to help people contemplating suicide.


All it takes is the right tools and training…


This online course is designed to teach workers, community minded people, and family members worldwide, the basics of Suicide Prevention. It’ll teach you what warning signs to look out for, and what to do, in the form of a very practical 4 Step Response Plan to prevent suicide (W.A.R.M.)

“I just completed the Suicide Prevention Skills course and it was wonderful. I’m a Mental Health First Aid instructor and still got lots out of it. I am sure our workers will find it extremely beneficial.”
– Tess, Includa Disability Services

Time to complete:
1 hour


5 x 10-minute


Internet connection,
web browser



What's in the Course

Introduction to Suicide – Suicide can be a sensitive topic. The statistics show that over 800, 000 people die each year from suicide – that’s one death every 40 seconds. Given those rates, it is likely you may know someone who has attempted suicide or who has suicided.

Why People Suicide – Its difficult o explain why some people decide to end their life whileothers in a similar or even worse situation do not. However by looking at some of the trends and the risk factors we can get some information about what leads people to suicide.

Warning Signs of Suicide – In this module we will identify the warning signs that people can look out for in someone who is considering suicide.

What Do I Do? – This module gets to the nuts and bolts of it. The most important thing – what do I do?

Looking After Me – In this section we’ll talk about four topics including self-care strategies.

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“Practical strategies & tools to manage mental wealth & health in the workplace, coupled with knowledgeable and engaging facilitators.”
– Susan Sinclair, GE Capital

Practical skills

Importantly, this isn’t some high-tech course that’s all about automated personality tests and other flashy gimmicks. Nor is it your standard self care basics telling you to exercise, diet and sleep well. We all know that already!

It’s about substance. Down-to-earth, high-quality content built into activities that will permanently change your thinking and behaviour, and make an actual difference in your day-to-day work and home life.

Privacy assured

All you need to complete the course is an internet connection, a pen and a piece of paper. (Or you can write your answers in a journal or another program, like Microsoft Word.) You won’t be asked to enter any personal information, you can complete it at your own pace, and come back again and again to any modules that really resonate with you.

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